Youngs Advisory Group Wealth Management

Wealth is a matter of course.

What are you seeking in an ideal advisor?

You want a wealth manager sitting on the same side of the table with you, representing your best interests first. We are Registered Investment Advisors.  As an RIA, we are bound by what’s known as a ‘Fiduciary Standard’, which is the highest legal and ethical standard those of us who render financial advice can be held to. A Fiduciary must place your interests ahead of their own. Period.

Higher standard – Compare our fiduciary standard to the ‘suitability standard’ to which non-RIA advisory brokers are held.  Advisory brokers are not specifically required to place your interests ahead of their own, but rather merely recommend financial products that are reasonably suitable for you.  Under this scenario brokers can recommend one product over another if it pays them more, as long as both meet the definition of being suitable for you.

Fee transparency – We are a fee-only wealth management firm.  What does that mean?  It means we have clearly-disclosed fees for our services.  These fees are our sole source of revenue – no commissions, no hidden fees, no other arrangements.

Pure relationship – The essence of our business model is to align our interests with yours, transparently.  We succeed only if we help you succeed.  We specifically choose to be an RIA wealth manager because we feel it is the cleanest, purest way to deliver financial advice.